Fox 13 News interviews owner of mystery photo album found

By: Gloria Gomez, FOX 13 News


The faces and the stories behind the black and white pictures were a mystery, but to the owner of the album they were in, they are treasured memories.

For months, Candy Owens with the Plant City Photo Archives & History Center has been trying to connect someone to the photos.

The pictures were discovered in an abandoned mobile home in February and turned over to the history center for safe keeping.

After our story aired, Candy was bombarded by a lot of false alarms.

“We got letters, we had people coming through the door left and right saying, we want to see that. That’s my aunt so and so,” Owens said.

But suddenly, the owner of the photo album walked in and Candy knew it.

“I said, that’s got to be her, because she had the beautiful shaped almond eyes,” Owens said.

The album belongs to 50-year-old Regina Marsico.

Sadly, she was separated from all of her belongings years ago after she suffered three aneurysms and a stroke.

Her fragile medical condition left her in a nursing home, unaware that everything she owns was being repossessed, including all of her precious memories.

“When I lost my home, I thought I had lost everything,” she said.

Regina is practically paralyzed and has limited movement of her arms and legs, but her mind is strong.

Each picture takes her back to her childhood and the adopted parents she so treasures.

“Somebody didn’t want me, but they did,” Marsico said.

Regina is also grateful that a group of strangers had the heart and patience to recover her past for her.

“Somebody that didn’t even know me, and they cared about something for me,” she said, through tears.

Source: My Fox Tampa Bay